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今天的节目中,新闻简讯之后,我们关注: 飓风艾琳逼近 美国高度戒备; 德国前总理施密特抨击现总理默克尔; 以及香港媒体摘要与听众园地栏目,欢迎收听。

In this image released by NOAA, Saturday, Aug 27, 2011, Hurricane Irene from the NOAA GOES-13 satellite is shown in its native format: grayscale and unprojected. Hurricane Irene opened its assault on the Eastern Seaboard on Saturday by lashing the North Carolina coast with wind as strong as 115 mph and pounding shoreline homes with waves. Farther north, authorities readied a massive shutdown of trains and airports, with 2 million people ordered out of the way. (Foto:NOAA/AP/dapd)

Hurrikan / Irene / USA / New York