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新闻简讯之后我们关注: -温州动车事故 官方面对重重质疑; -挪威爆炸枪击案 嫌犯欲穿制服公开审讯; -中国海关组织海外作家入境; -杜伊斯堡惨剧一周年 阴影犹在; 以及短信平台与德语报摘栏目。

Chinese rescuers work around the wreckage of train cars in Wenzhou in east China's Zhejiang province, Sunday, July 24, 2011. A bullet train crashed into another high-speed train, killing dozens of people and once again raising safety concerns about the country's fast-expanding rail network. (Foto:Color China Photo/AP/dapd) CHINA OUT