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新闻简讯之后我们关注: -司法机关互打太极 哈达仍然被"威胁", -艾未未所在文化公司明日将参加税务问题听证会, -穆迪下调爱尔兰主权信用评级, -德国经理人年薪恢复至危机前水平。 以及短信平台与德语报摘栏目,欢迎收听。

Hada is an ethnic Mongol activist, who has campaigned for self-determination of the Inner Mongolia province of China. After organizing a demonstration and school strike among the teachers and students in the universities and colleges of Hohhot in Dec. 1995, Mr. Hada and other dozens of Mongols, including his wife Xinna and his brother Has, were arrested by the authorities. On Dec. 6, 1996, after a year of detention without trial, he was charged with the crimes of separatism and espionage for Mongolia and sentenced to 15 years in jail. Today (Dec. 10 2010) should be his releaseday, but people cannot find him. Zusteller: Juan Ju Eingestellt Demzember 2010