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新闻短讯之后我们关注: -艾未未获得保释,但麻烦远未结束 -奥巴马宣布开始从阿富汗撤军 -日本皇太子访问德国 之后是德语报刊摘要及短信平台栏目。

Activist artist Ai Weiwei gestures while speaking to journalists gathered outside his home in Beijing, China, Thursday, June 23, 2011. Ai, the most high-profile target of a sweeping crackdown on activists in China, has returned home late Wednesday after nearly three months in detention. The official Xinhua News Agency said Ai confessed to tax evasion, accusations his family had long denied and which activists had denounced as a false premise for detaining him. (Foto:Ng Han Guan/AP/dapd)