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新闻; 时事焦点:西藏流亡政府领导人更新换代; 德国政界,艺术界知名人士呼吁释放艾维未未; 中国“世界工厂”头衔将成为历史; “不光彩的曝光”-管塔纳摩犯人危险性分析; 短信平台和每日报摘栏目。

Workers at a garment factory in Huaibei city of east Chinas Anhui Province December 7, 2005. China reported its fastest economic growth in a decade on Tuesday with the economy rising at 11.3 percent during the second quarter. Exports surged by 25.2 percent to USD 428.3 bn, racking up a surplus of USD 61.8 bn and further fuelling the fast pace of rise in Chinas economy.The government warned that booming construction and bank loans could fuel inflation, raising expectations that Beijing might nudge up interest rates and possibly the value of its currency +++(c) dpa - Report+++