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新闻之后的时事焦点关注: 人权组织大赦国际批评中国加剧镇压人权律师。 艾未未涉税案,北京发课公司要求举行税务听证会。 台湾前总统李登辉因国安密帐案遭起诉。 希腊议会批准节约计划,引发街头暴力冲突。 之后是德语媒体看中国。

FILE - In this Friday, Feb. 24, 2006 file photo, Gao Zhisheng gestures during an interview at a tea house in Beijing, China. The Chinese human rights lawyer missing for almost a year has been judged by legal authorities and is where he should be, a Foreign Ministry official said in China's first public comment on the case. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File)