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新闻之后的时事焦点关注: 澳大利亚外长陆克文表示,与中国相处存在第三条道路。 恐怖分子首领本•拉登击毙后,美国没有公开其尸首照片。原因何在?德国社会学者格莱内尔接受德国之声采访。 一份报告称,亚洲有望在2050年成为全球最富有的地区。也是我们关注的话题。 之后是德语媒体看中国。

In this Wednesday, June 23, 2010 photo, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announces in Canberra, Australia that his party has call a leadership vote just months away from national elections. Australia will have its first woman premier on Thursday, as Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has enough support to beat incumbent Kevin Rudd in a Labor Party ballot, several media outlets have reported. (AP Photo/AAP Image, Alan Porritt) ** AUSTRALIA OUT, NEW ZEALAND OUT, NO ARCHIVES **