Questions, Answers, Problems and Solutions | Mobile | DW | 06.12.2006
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Questions, Answers, Problems and Solutions

DW-WORLD.DE has put together a selection of helpful hints for optimizing our mobile service as well as a list of frequently asked questions.


Question: How are content and character sets encoded for the mobile offering of DW-WORLD.DE?

Answer : All content available at in encoded in UTF-8, a common standard supported by most cell phones.

Problem : When I access content at , not all the characters are shown correctly. This is especially a problem when using PDA’s.

Possible solution : Try entering the following URL in the browser of your mobile device:

Question: How are content and character sets encoded at ?

Answer: All content available at this address is encoded in the following manner: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese (for Brazil): "Western (Latin1) / ISO-8859-1"; Arabic: "Arabic (Windows)"; Chinese: "Simplified Chinese (HZ GB 2312)"; Russian: "Cyrillic (Windows)."

Problem: In the texts, specific letters are not presented correctly (for example, ä, ö, ü, ß, è,)

Possible solution: Under your mobile device’s category "Character encoding" (in most devices this is found in a sub-menu of the "Settings" or "Appearance Settings"), activate the function "Content encoding" to "Western", "Windows" or "ISO-8859-1."

Question: How can I receive content with a different set of encoding settings?

Answer: Either by accessing the appropriate URL (see additional information above) or by following the "Other Languages" link, then choosing the encoding settings you would like to receive.

Problem: When the language is switched (going from a European to a non-European language and vice versa or from a non-European to another non-European language), the texts are not presented correctly.

Possible solution: Usually mobile devices are not capable of simple switching character codes unless they have been specifically programmed to do so. The character coding and or fonts must be switched accordingly. In addition the respective set of characters for a particular language must also be recognized by the individual mobile device. If they are not already installed, they can be downloaded from the Internet. This service usually comes with a fee. See the "useful links" section below for more information.

Question: Which standard set of characters have been installed on my mobile device?

Answer: That depends on the manufacturer of your device and where you bought it. If, for example, you purchased your Pocket PC in Europe, it will most likely contain the Western European set of characters and possibly also codes for Cyrillic (Russian) and other European languages such as Turkish and Greek. In order to correctly present the language of choice you must install and activate the character codes.

Problem: Only a little text fits on my display. The text is large and takes up a lot of space.

Possible Solution: You can change the font size on many devices. In order to fit as much text on the display as possible, select the smallest possible font size. Consult your direction manual for more advice on how to do this.

Question: What standards does my browser have to support in order to receive DW-WORLD.DE?

Answer: Your mobile device's browser has to support at least WAP 2.0 so that the contents of DW-WORLD.DE are displayed properly.

Synchronizing Services from AvantGo

Question: How are content and character sets for AvantGo's synchronizing service encoded?

Answer: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese (for Brazil): "Western (Latin1) / ISO-8859-1;" Arabic: "Arabic (Windows)," Chinese: "Simplified Chinese (HZ GB 2312);" Russian: "Cyrillic (Windows)."

Problem: The AvantGo synchronizing service does not work in the languages Russian, Chinese and / or Arabic.

Possible Solution: The AvantGo service has been optimized for Western European languages. The newest software (for Pocket PCs above version 5.7) supports only Western European languages. In order to use Russian, Chinese and/ or Arabic via AvantGo, you must install the older AvantGo software version 3.3. (You can find this on in the section "Software Downloads."

Problem: Synchronizing of DW-WORLD.DE content on my Pocket PC or PDA via AvantGo does not work. During the synchronizing process various errors occur.

Possible Solution: There can be various reasons for this. Please consult the AvantGo page under the Help category. There you will find several answers to your questions.

Question: How does the synchronizing process work?

Answer: Synchronizing happens either through a USB connection or wireless over Bluetooth and/ or Infrared. You can find more details about this process in the direction manual for your mobile device.

If you have problems accessing DW-WORLD.DE's mobile services, please do not hesitate to let us know. It is only through your information that we can ensure we are offering our best possible service.

Please send your questions, comments or suggestion by e-mail to and include the following information:

  • Description of the problem
  • Type of mobile device
  • Language
  • Installed software and operating system

Please understand that we can not answer all your questions in person.