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Young Europeans Roll Up Their Sleeves for US Candidates

It is not only Americans who are working on the US presidential campaign. DW-RADIO spoke with young Europeans who are stepping up to bat for their favorite candidate -- even if they can't vote.

Side-by-side potraits of Hilary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama

Young Europeans are actively supporting their candidates

"All politics is local," the old saying goes. But with globalization on the rise and US foreign policy sending out aftershocks that effect the whole world, that old saying seems increasingly outdated.

In an election that has a greater-than-ever appeal for young people, its not only young Americans who are catching the politics bug. DW-RADIO spoke with young Europeans who are rolling up their sleeves and pitching in -- sometimes even going door-to-door -- for their US candidates of choice. Even though they can't cast a vote themselves.

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