Yemen: Quality Control of Digital Television Studios | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 18.06.2008
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Middle East/North Africa

Yemen: Quality Control of Digital Television Studios

The digitalization of television production facilities is proceeding at a rapid pace worldwide. The new technology demands flexibility, careful planning and major changes in work flow patterns.

Participants examine technical equipment

DW-AKADEMIE is advising the Yemen Radio and TV Corporation as it upgrades its production facilities from analog to digital. The changeover requires considerable knowledge and expertise. For this purpose, DW-AKADEMIE has designed a series of courses that provide a broad technical foundation for such a modernization.

The long-term project is oriented toward engineers and technicians who work in production and are responsible for the design and maintenance of television facilities.

The project addresses the standards for digital television, what is required for the introduction of the systems and equipment, as well as the implementation of digital television itself.