World′s Biggest Consumer Electronics Fair | All media content | DW | 06.09.2013
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World's Biggest Consumer Electronics Fair

The world's biggest consumer electronics fair, the IFA in Berlin has opened its doors to the general publc. The annual event features the latest innovations in home entertainment, communications and domestic appliances.

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The 53rd edition of the IFA consumer electronics fair, the biggest annual event of its kind, kicked off at Berlin's industrial exhibition site on Friday.

Among the gadgets to feature at this year's IFA are ultra-high-definition televisions, hybrid computers, which can function either as laptops or tablets, and a watch that interacts with a smartphone or computer.

Samsung is set to start shipping its Galaxy Gear wristwatch later this month. The South Korean company has said the watch, which was unveiled on the eve of the IFA, will allow users to access smartphone apps such as Facebook or answer incoming calls.

The IFA, which stands for the German "Internationale Funk-Ausstellung, runs until next Friday, 13 September.

pfd/ipj (AP, dpa)