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WorldLink: The personal stories behind the headlines

WorldLink brings you 60 minutes of personal insight from those whose lives are impacted by global events.

Listen to audio 59:00

WorldLink: War and order

In this age of information overload, personal stories are often sidelined by the roar of headlines. At WorldLink, we endeavor to redress that balance.

Through exclusive interviews and reports from around the globe, our hourlong weekly show offers a glimpse into how current affairs affect people's lives.

We explore the German view of the world and vice versa, reflecting the questions of the day.

From the integration of a million refugees to the issues that will play out at the ballot box in upcoming federal elections, we offer a chance to see things from a very human perspective.

Produced in Bonn, Germany since 2011, the show is available on radio, SoundCloud, in DW's media center or via the podcast on iTunes or RSS feed. We welcome your feedback on our DW Global Society Facebook page.

Meet the team:

Samantha Early

DW Mitarbeiterin - Samantha Early for WorldLink (DW/B. Bathke)

Host and producer Samantha Early

Samantha Early is half-German, half-Croatian and 100 percent Kiwi. After studying journalism at the New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch, she worked in various roles at national and regional radio, newspaper and television outlets.

In 2013 she set out for the bright lights of Bonn to explore her European roots and chase her lifelong dream of working at DW. An internship led to her current position as part of the WorldLink team and on the globalization, environment and news desks. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys hiking and reading hefty non-fiction books, but all too often ends up scrolling through clickbait on her phone instead. She's working on that.

DW Mitarbeiter - Neil King for WorldLink (DW/B. Bathke)

Host and producer Neil King

Neil King

Neil King, WorldLink's main host, is of Anglo-Irish stock, but was born and raised in Germany. After completing his studies in journalism and history, he started out as print journalist, working for several regional and international outlets.

He joined DW in 2007 because it's not just one of the most international and versatile journalistic outlets in Germany, it's also one of the few places where Germans don't pronounce his name like the river Nile. Neil loves reading, debating and eclectic playlists. He also enjoys getting lost while hiking.

Gabriel Borrud

Profilbild DW's Gabriel Borrud for WorldLink (DW)

Host and producer Gabriel Borrud

Gabriel Borrud, an American from the Midwest, studied German and philosophy at Yale and relishes the opportunity to work on a show about personal stories. His path from the academic world to journalism included stints as a hitchhiker and a delivery boy for a chili restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin.

His journalistic path took him through the DW newsroom and a few of the other radio shows before he ended up at WorldLink. Of all the things it's the freedom the show offers that he cherishes the most. Everyone in the world has a story, and that makes for a lot of potential material when putting together every show!

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