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  • Date 22.06.13 | 19:05 - 20:00 UTC
  • Broadcast times
    22.06.13 | 20:05 - 21:00 UTC
    22.06.13 | 21:05 - 22:00 UTC
    23.06.13 | 04:05 - 05:00 UTC
    23.06.13 | 05:05 - 06:00 UTC
    23.06.13 | 06:05 - 07:00 UTC
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On this week's show: Protests in Brazil, repercussions in Turkey and unsolved murders in Canada. Also: The DW journalist imprisoned in Chad, a case of mistaken identity in Iran and an organ donation which bridged the Israeli-Palestinian divide.

Produced by: Kate Laycock, Neil King, Jürgen Kuhn, Thomas Schmidt and Nancy Isenson, with additional research by Samantha Early.  


The week that changed Brazil

Reporter Dom Phillips looks back on a week in which Brazil discovered a voice it never even knew it had.

Interview: Neil King and Kate Laycock

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No turning back

Can Oz is the owner of one of Turkey's largest literary houses. Now he's putting all that on the line in order to protest against the government.

Report: Dorian Jones

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Tears for Justice

Gladys Radek's struggle for justice for her niece, and the hundreds of other aboriginal women who have gone missing in Canada.

Report: Sian Griffiths

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What's in a name?

Neda Soltani is not Neda Soltan, the Iranian woman who was killed during Iran's green uprising in June 2009. So why did the Iranian government claim that she was?

Report: Michael Hartlep

The gift of life

Tears and smiles combine in the tale of a Palestinian boy saved by a kidney donated by the parents of a dead Israeli toddler.

Report: Irris Makler

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Audios and videos on the topic