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  • Date 17.08.13 | 19:05 - 20:00 UTC
  • Broadcast times
    17.08.13 | 20:05 - 21:00 UTC
    17.08.13 | 21:05 - 22:00 UTC
    18.08.13 | 04:05 - 05:00 UTC
    18.08.13 | 05:05 - 06:00 UTC
    18.08.13 | 06:05 - 07:00 UTC
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On this week's show: Blood on the streets of Cairo, insurrection remembered in London and the woman known as "Miss Protest" in Vietnam. Also, just what was Estonian-American comedian Andy Valvur doing in Afghanistan?

Produced by Kate Laycock, Emma Wallis and Karin Hennecke


A view from a Cairo window

Twenty-seven year old Nihal Saad Zaghloul lives just a few minutes walk away from Cairo's Rabaa Square. On Wednesday, she watched in horror as other young Egyptians were shot on the street below.

Interview: Kate Laycock

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Two years after the UK riots

Meet the British hair salon owner who refused to let rioters trash her business.

Report: Ashley Byrne

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Miss Protest Vietnem

When Trinh Kim Tien's father died as a result of poice brutality, she took to the streets in protest.

Report: Marianne Browne

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Entertaining the troops

When the Estonian military invited comedian Andy Valvur to entertain their troops in Afghanistan, he didn't hesitate... not even when they asked him his blood group!

Interview: Kate Laycock and Emma Wallis

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Audios and videos on the topic