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  • Date 02.08.14 | 19:05 - 20:00 UTC
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    02.08.14 | 20:05 - 21:00 UTC
    02.08.14 | 21:05 - 22:00 UTC
    03.08.14 | 04:05 - 05:00 UTC
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    03.08.14 | 06:05 - 07:00 UTC
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Health workers grapple with the world’s biggest outbreak of Ebola, Israelis speak out about attacks on Gaza, and anarchy in post-Gaddafi Libya. Plus, we take a trip back in time to meet a man obsessed with the 1940s, and Mozambican workers whose lives were torn apart by the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Produced by: Gerd Georgii, André Leslie and Natalie Muller


The fight against Ebola

Communities in West Africa are grappling with the deadliest outbreak of Ebola on record. More than 700 people have died so far. Authorities are now struggling to bring the epidemic under control, as Medecins Sans Frontieres epidemiologist Iza Ciglenecki explains.

Interview: André Leslie and Natalie Muller

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'Violence is never the solution'

There appears to be no end in sight to the Gaza conflict, as Israeli forces continue their offensive to rid the region of Hamas. So far, more than 1,400 Palestinians and over 60 Israelis have been killed. What do Israelis have to say about the attacks?

Report: Blair Cunningham, Jerusalem

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Libya descends into chaos

Violent clashes between rival rebel groups in the Libyan capital Tripoli have driven most Western diplomats from the country. But British Ambassador to Libya Michael Aron says an international presence is important, and he's planning to stay put.

Interview: André Leslie

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Café serves up slice of colonial history

The Empire Café in Glasgow has opened its doors especially for the Commonwealth Games. But the novel establishment has little to do with sport. Rather, it aims to shed light on Scotland's little-known role in the North Atlantic slave trade.

Report: Peter Geoghegan, Glasgow

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Malaysia's sea gypsies

The Bajau people aren’t legally recognized as citizens in Malaysia. Known as "sea gypsies" because of their seaborne lifestyle, this ethnic group is often excluded from society. But Danish teacher Torben Venning is working to give Bajau kids a chance to go to school.

Report: Emily Richmond, Borneo

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Maputo to East Germany, and back again

During the Cold War, when Berlin was split in two, Mozambican workers were recruited to work in East Germany. Many of them built lives and families there. But when the wall fell, they were sent home without being paid - and today they're still seeking justice.

Report: Dagmar Wittek, Maputo, Mozambique

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Back in time

Ben Sansum travels back to the 1940s every time he steps into his house. The 35-year-old Brit works for an airline, but his connection to the modern world stops there. He has spent the past six years meticulously transforming his abode into a 40s world.

Report: Ashley Byrne, Cambridgeshire

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