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  • Date 12.07.14 | 19:05 - 20:00 UTC
  • Broadcast times
    12.07.14 | 20:05 - 21:00 UTC
    12.07.14 | 21:05 - 22:00 UTC
    13.07.14 | 04:05 - 05:00 UTC
    13.07.14 | 05:05 - 06:00 UTC
    13.07.14 | 06:05 - 07:00 UTC
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How Israelis feel about the prospect of another Gaza war, a voice of unity for asylum seekers in Australia and Brazil's football woes. Plus, we meet some extraordinary women, from a mayor in Turkey to a solo sailor.

Produced by Gerd Georgii, Neil King and Samantha Early


Cycle of conflict

As rockets fired from Hamas target Israel's cities and attacks increase on the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem correspondent Irris Makler says Israelis are growing weary of the continuous cycle of violence.

Interview: Neil King and Samantha Early

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Australia's Voices Without Borders

Australia has been criticized for its treatment of a group of Sri Lankans seeking to enter the country by boat. Those who do make it to Australia as asylum seekers face a new set of challenges.

Report: Joel Carnegie, Australia

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Brazil: More than football

Brazil's football world cup campaign ended in humiliating fashion, with a 7-1 loss to Germany in the semi-finals. Correspondent Sam Cowie explains the reaction from the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Interview: Samantha Early

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From running, to running the town

Leyla Imret, 27, grew up in Germany after her father was killed in violence between pro-Kurdish rebels and the Turkish government. Two decades later, she returned to her home town. Now she's its mayor.

Report: Dorian Jones, Cizre

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Breaking gender barriers

n online radio station in Egypt has been dedicated to giving girls and women their voices. The founder of Girls Only Radio, Amani Eltunsi, says her mission is to help women realize their potential.

Interview: Neil King, Samantha Early

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Unwanted 'compliments'

Whistles, catcalls and unwanted advances are a fact of life for many women in Chile. But Francisca Valenzuela is working to stop it, by founding the Organization Against Sexual Harassment on the Streets.

Report: Eilís O'Neill, Santiago

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Solo around the world

More than four years ago, Emily Richmond set out from Los Angeles on her small yacht, Bobbie. Now in Malaysia, she reflects on her journey so far.

Interview: Neil King

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Audios and videos on the topic