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  • Date 30.03.13 | 19:05 - 20:00 UTC
  • Broadcast times
    30.03.13 | 20:05 - 21:00 UTC
    30.03.13 | 21:05 - 22:00 UTC
    31.03.13 | 04:05 - 05:00 UTC
    31.03.13 | 05:05 - 06:00 UTC
    31.03.13 | 06:05 - 07:00 UTC
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On this week's show: Myanmar's sectarian violence, Mali's unwanted Tuaregs, Bangladesh cracks down on bloggers, an Israeli journalist gives Iran the news. Also: A Spaniard who's prepared to give up all to get to Canada, a school for shantytown models in Buenos Aires and helping refugees in South Africa get a university degree.

Produced by Charlotte Collins, Neil King, Nancy Isenson and Michael Springer


Sectarian divisions in Myanmar

Over the past two weeks fierce clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in central Myanmar have left dozens of people dead and around 12,000 homeless. Dave Grunebaum, a freelance journalist based in Yangon tells us what this means for the country's people and reforms.

Interview: Charlotte Collins

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Mali's unwanted Tuaregs

Abdou Ag Mohamed was a university student before the crisis began in Mali. Now, he finds himself caught up in a conflict he wants no part of, but which his ethnicity compels him to face.

Report: Damon van der Linde

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Silencing the critics

The award-winning Bangladeshi blogger and outspoken atheist Asif Mohiuddin was almost killed by assassins in January. He recovered and continued typing away. Now the authorities have banned his blog.

Interview: Neil King

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Giving the news to Iran

Veteran Israeli journalist Menashe Amir has been broadcasting from Jerusalem to Iran - his country of birth - for decades. And he's never been short of listeners.

Report: Vanessa O'Brien

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Spain's brain drain

Educated but out work. Many Spaniards like David Garcia Jurado are fed up with queueing at the job center and would rather seek their fortune abroad. He’s prepared to leave all behind, including his girlfriend, to get to Canada.

Report: Ashifa Kassam

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Up the catwalk

Guido Fuentes has lived in a shantytown in northern Buenos Aires for decades. One day he decided to help teenagers in the area break free of the squalor. He opened a modeling school.

Report: Eilís O’Neill

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Alma mater?

In South Africa, refugees who want to attend local universities sometimes find themselves excluded because they might not have the right documents or the necessary funds. A young Rwandan refugee is fighting to change that, but it's an uphill battle.

Report: Kim Chakanetsa

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Audios and videos on the topic