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  • Date 09.05.14 | 16:15 - 16:45 UTC
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    09.05.14 | 20:15 - 20:45 UTC
    09.05.14 | 23:15 - 23:45 UTC
    12.05.14 | 02:15 - 02:45 UTC
    12.05.14 | 05:15 - 05:45 UTC
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    12.05.14 | 12:15 - 12:45 UTC
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In this edition, we see how a UN agency is helping young mothers in Mozambique who have suffered injuries in childbirth. In Venezuela, we witness spectacular lightning storms. In Bangladesh, we meet a farmer who has introduced an innovative new organic fertilizer. We tour an old copper market in Iraq, and in Hungary, we meet an organization that is helping nurture young entrepreneurs.


Mozambique - Fighting childbirth injury

Many young girls in Mozambique become mothers in their mid-teens, before their bodies are ready for pregnancy. Forced to have their babies at home with no medical care, some develop an injury called obstetric fistula, which can cause incontinence. The UN Population Fund is treating and trying to prevent the condition and help sufferers re-integrate into society. UNTV's Guy Hubbard has the story.

Venezuela - Lighting up the sky

The Catatumbo Lightning occurs where the Catatumbo River empties into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Lightning strikes there with incredible frequency on up to 160 nights a year. That intensity has put the lightning into the Guinness World Records book. The storms are also believed to benefit the earth’s ecosystem by producing ozone. VALE TV's Luis Loreto witnessed the spectacle.

Bangladesh - Enriching the earth

Bangladesh has a mainly agricultural economy, so fertilizer is a big issue. Farmers habitually use chemical fertilizers to increase crop yields. In the long term, however, these decrease soil fertility and damage the environment. So farmers are increasingly turning to organic fertilizers. ETV's Sakhawat Liton met one man who is building a business out of an organic fertilizer that uses earthworms.

Iraq - Nurturing Tradition

For centuries, generations of coppersmiths have crafted their goods by hand at Baghdad's Safafeer market. They can still be seen there beating copper sheets into a range of useful objects. Once well-frequented, the market is suffering from waning tourism and competition from cheap factory goods.Al Sumaria's Marwa Amer met some artisans who are carrying on their profession despite the challenges.

Hungary - Funding Innovation

Bridge Budapest is a non-profit association that was founded by a group of Hungarian entrepreneurs. It aims to create jobs and value by nurturing start-ups which produce globally useful products. The association also offers internships for students at its member organizations, allowing them to gain practical experience in the business world. MTVA met some of the main players.