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  • Date 20.12.13 | 16:15 - 16:45 UTC
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    20.12.13 | 20:15 - 20:45 UTC
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On this edition, we take a look at an Indian entertainment blog that hopes to change the outside view of the nation. We travel to a Tunisian market to learn about the decline of a headwear tradition. We go to Namibia where the worst drought in 30 years has a third of the population in its grip. In El Salvador, we look at the possibilities of geothermal energy, and we go fishing in Istanbul.


Malini - Blogging about Bollywood

Seen by some as the Paris Hilton of India, former radio DJ Malini Agarwal runs a successful blog about fashion, entertainment and Bollywood. Her Miss Malini project started as a hobby but quickly drew attention from investors and now employs ten people. Ultimately, she hopes it will help change the outside world’s perception of India. Emerging Stars’ Bipinchandra Chaugule went to meet her.

Chechia - Clinging to tradition

For centuries, Tunisians have been covering their heads with a deep red beret-like garment called the chechia. Of the hundreds of chechia makers once working in Tunis, there are now very few left. They’re struggling to stay in business, and want the state to help preserve their profession and what was once a symbol of national pride. TNN’s Sohair el Shabani visited a once thriving chechia market.

Drought - Hoping for rain

An estimated 780,000 Namibians - or one third of the population - often struggle to find enough food. Although the country has experienced droughts in the past, the situation is becoming dire. The government has pledged financial assistance, and aid agencies have also stepped in, but what is needed more than anything is rain. UNTV’s Suzanne Beukes has this report.

El Salvador - Drilling for steam

With mudslides claiming hundred of lives during periods of heavy rain, El Salvador is no stranger to climate change. In an effort to counter its effects, the government is turning to geothermal energy produced by underground volcanic steam. This kind of power now covers a quarter of the country’s needs, but there are plans to use it even more efficiently. Manel Özcerkes found out more.

Istanbul - Fishing for a city

With a sea to either side, and spliced down the middle by the beautiful Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul is a city surrounded by water. As such, fishing is an integral part of everyday life, and fresh fish has a special place on the menus of local restaurants and snack bars. Nova TV’s Danail Glishev brings us this taste.