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Woman Jailed in Germany for Killing Newborn Baby in Freezer

A German court jailed a woman for three and a half years on Friday, Nov. 21 for killing her baby by putting the newborn in a chest-style home freezer.


The young woman claimed that she was not aware she was pregnant with the child

The woman, 21, sobbed as she claimed to the court in Rottweil, south-western Germany this week that she had not been aware she was pregnant and had wanted to make it seem as if the sudden birth in May had never happened.

After the solitary birth at home, she had put on her overalls and gone to her regular job in a factory in the town of Horb am Neckar in Germany's Black Forest region.

Judges ruled she intended to kill the child and convicted her of manslaughter.

Doctors said the baby, sealed inside a plastic freezer bag, suffocated to death. The mother of the woman's fiance found the dead child in the freezer three weeks later.

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