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Why is transmission being changed to 16:9 widescreen format?

Today the majority of television sets on the market have 16:9 screen format (also known as widescreen format, because the picture is wider than pictures in 4:3 format).

One of the reasons why 16:9 widescreen format has been introduced is because it corresponds more closely to the characteristics of the human field of vision and visual habits than 4:3 format. Widescreen format takes into account the fact that human peripheral vision is more pronounced on the horizontal axis than on the vertical axis.

Other arguments in favor of widescreen format are technological innovations and prevailing market conditions. Screen technology is advancing fast and new flat screen televisions (plasma or LCD) are now only available in 16:9 format. The 4:3 screen format used previously is definitely on the way out.

The above-mentioned reasons speak for a change-over to 16:9 widescreen format. Deutsche Welle is adapting its productions step-by-step to keep up with technological advancements in this field.