Who is to Blame for Agressive Dogs? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 20.03.2004
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Who is to Blame for Agressive Dogs?

I truly believe that any dog can be made to be mean. I also believe that breeders are breeding badly. You never breed a dog that has aggressive tendencies or faults, period. Any pup that shows people aggression should be put to sleep immediately. Owners are the ones that should be held accountable for their dogs, not the dogs. They are a product of their environment. -- Sheila Callahan


A Pit Bull with muzzle on leash at an animal shelter.

Both, the owner and the breed of dog are to blame for aggression. The breeder breeds dogs for certain types and behaviours or traits. Aggressive dogs are no different than aggressive humans. Both humans and dogs have the traits to be aggressive and both are taught. In this case, man is the primary blame. -- Lorren Britton

It is both the breeders and (more importantly) the owners of these dogs that are to blame for their aggression. If you read statistics in the USA, you will find that the dog responsible for the highest number of dog bites is not one of these bully breeds, but is in fact the Golden Retriever. One of the dog breeds held up in this country to be the ultimate family dog. -- Heidi Maxwell, Montana, USA
As in the expression used in Psychology, Like likes Like. Aggressive people like aggressive breeds of dogs. Hence, the behavior of the breeder easily spills over to the behavior of the dog. The fact that the four breeds of dogs that are "disproportionately involved in maulings" can be attributed to the fact these breeds are favored by breeders with aggressive personalities. -- Rod Huggins

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