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Who are the appropriate contact persons for DW Akademie projects in various regions and countries?

Our Communications department is available to answer any general questions regarding the work of DW Akademie:

Oliver Schilling, Head of Communications
E: dw-akademie(at)dw.com
T: +49.228.429-2034

You can also use the same address for contacting persons in the regional teams. For questions regarding countries or regions, please indicate in the subject line the specific country or region you are interested in.

The heads of the regional teams can also be reached at the following numbers:
Africa: Natascha Schwanke | +49.228.429-3529
Asia and Europe: Michael Karhausen | +49.228.429-3560
Latin America: Rodrigo Villarzú | +49.30.4646-8570
Middle East/North Africa: Jens-Uwe Rahe | +49.30.4646-8534

For questions regarding the International Media Studies Master's program, please contact:
E: ims(at)dw.com
T: +49.228.429-2892

For questions regarding the bilingual DW Journalism Traineeship, please contact:
E: volontariat(at)dw.com
T: +49.228.429-2242

For questions regarding DW Akademie Media Training, please contact:
E: dw-akademie.medientraining@dw.com
T: +49.228.429-3505

For questions regarding the international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), please contact DW's Information Desk:
E: info(at)dw.com
T: +49.228.429-4000

Staff there will connect you to the people who can answer questions about DW programs and online services. More information about the Information Desk and additional contacts is available here.

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