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White Waves - Surfers Fighting Against Unseen Pollution in the Sea

Spectacular surfing footage and an important message: The documentary "White Waves" looks at surfers who are fighting the pollution of the oceans.

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Trailer: White Waves

The authors join the surfers to identify largely unnoticed cases of marine pollution. Some the surfers are even taking the fight for clean seas into the law courts.

The surfer's love for the sea is turning into an effective weapon in the fight against marine pollution. Surfing superhero Kelly Slater once said: "I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it's almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time." But commitment to environmental protection cannot be taken for granted. Even surfing itself can even be a threat to the oceans. Material such as surfboards and wetsuits can pollute the environment; flights to surfing locations lead to high CO2 emissions that adversely affect the climate; and surfers leave rubbish on the beaches. The documentary tells the story of a group of surfers fighting for clean seas and also highlights things anyone can do to protect the oceans. Marine pollution occurs worldwide, and the surfers go to great lengths to identify its sources. But the film doesn’t just send out an important message about global ecology, it also features some breathtaking surfing footage.

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