#WhatAmerica do you want? DW launches global campaign and unique interactive map | Press Releases | DW | 12.10.2016
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Press Releases

#WhatAmerica do you want? DW launches global campaign and unique interactive map

With four weeks until election day in the United States, Deutsche Welle's massive social video project #WhatAmerica is going global - and interactive.

It's America's decision but the whole world would like to have a vote: The next occupant of the White House will have the power to change the course of history.  That's why Deutsche Welle has been concentrating on more than the personalities of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It’s been asking Americans a simple but very big question: #WhatAmerica do you want?

More than 200 people right across America have told us their hopes and fears for their homeland. Now DW users can meet them all in our unique new interactive map, and:

Visit Maria Watson proudly working at her fruit and vegetable stand near the Mexican border — and hear her powerful rendition of the American Dream. 

Meet Bernie Sanders at the Iowa Caucus — where he explains the vision of America that inspired millions of his young followers. 
Encounter Clara Roteta in Miami — who came to America from Cuba decades ago but is now a passionate believer in Donald Trump and his anti-immigration campaign.

Best of all, users can just dive into the map and explore. A set of filters enables them to search by gender, age group, preferred candidate and a dozen different themes that came up in what many people had to say.

Going global

Everyone is affected by American voters' decision. So DW has used its global network of correspondents to take #WhatAmerica to the world.

Deutschland Cem Özdemir in Berlin (picture-alliance/dpa/B. Pedersen)

German politician Cem Özdemir

To people like Elaine Díaz in Cuba — who wants America to stop trying to democratize other countries; to Mykola Werbyzkyj in Ukraine — who wants America to support his country in its struggles with Russia; to Ibrahima Kone in Guinea — who is worried about how African-Americans are treated by the police. Back home in Germany, Kai Diekmann calls for an open, liberal America — and Cem Özdemir hopes for an America that will fight climate change.

The #WhatAmerica project reveals how the world sees America and how America sees the world.

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