What Justice for Pervert Priests? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 15.07.2004
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What Justice for Pervert Priests?

Two Catholic officials are accused of sexual abuse of student priests and the possession of pornographic and pedophile pictures. DW-WORLD readers responded with their thoughts on what action should be taken.


Thousands of pornographic images were discovered in Sankt Pölten

Yes, Bishop Krenn should be forced to resign. His defense of Groer and his blindness to the corruption in his own seminary demonstrates he is unfit to hold the office of bishop. -- Dr. Leon J Podles, USA

Krenn should resign! Krenn is in charge of the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of these young priests. He clearly did not do his duty to protect these men in training for their life-long occupation of Faith. What spiritual message does this send? That it is ok to keep sexual files like this just lying around the seminary? That it is no big sin? Condoning these actions, even in a mild manner as if this is a prank is wrong. Face it, to be a priest working with the public, is to be called to a higher standard. Period. Men can suffer harassment in the workplace too. We women do not hold exclusivity on this harassment issue. -- Desiree M F Abraham

Research has shown that homosexuality is caused by hormonal influences on the brain during fetal development. It is a biological phenomenon that cannot be cured. Banning it is therefore inhumane. Pedophilia and child pornography is another story. It is very traumatic to the victims, causing life-long psychological scars. Tolerance of it is inhumane.
It is absurd that Krenn and other leaders in the Catholic church have had a soft attitude to pedophilia, which is severely traumatic, while banning homosexuality, which does no harm and is an incurable biological condition. Krenn should definitely be forced to resign because of his tolerant attitude to child pornography. -- Jaan Suurkula, M.D.

It's absurd that they are claiming this is "the kind of 'idiocy' boys get up to." That might make sense if there were a tiny number of pictures, but not thousands and thousands, which seems to be the case unless the news accounts are substantially false. -- Patricia Gross

He should be put in prison. Possession of child pornography is illegal, is it not? It is certainly immoral! Sexual abuse of anyone is wrong, and silence is the voice of complicity! Put the criminals away to protect the innocent!
-- Albert and Mary Huber, USA

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