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What is RSS?

What does the term RSS come from? What is an RSS feed? What can I do with RSS, and what technical requirements do I need to use it? Get all the answers here!


What does the expression RSS come from? What is an RSS feed?

RSS is the abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. Files created in RSS format are usually called feeds. The feeds are used to convert articles or article summaries, especially of news items, into a standard form. At its simplest, a feed is like a Web page that is readable by computers instead of humans since it does not contain any design or graphic details. Bloggers are largely responsible for making RSS feeds popular.

What can I do with RSS?

RSS makes it possible for you to subscribe Web sites content -- or the parts of a Web site -- and get all of the site's most recent stories automatically delivered to you. When you subscribe to an RSS feed, you make sure you get the most up-to-date information -- whether it's text, audio or video.

What technical requirements do I have to meet to use RSS?

You need an RSS reader before you can subscribe to an RSS feed. The reader, also sometimes called a news reader, is what checks your subscriptions for the newest items. There are mainly two types of RSS readers. One are the Web browser-based readers, such as My Yahoo, Bloglines and Newsgator), that can be used to access your subscriptions from any computer with an Internet connection. The second are stand-alone programs that often resemble e-mail programs like Outlook and Thunderbird. See the links below for a few of the free and downloadable stand-alone RSS readers.

How can I use the Deutsche Welle's RSS feeds?

There is a list of all the Deutsche Welle's RSS feeds in the "RSS Feeds" category. All you need to do to subscribe to a feed is copy and paste the Internet address into you RSS reader.

Some Internet browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (starting with version 7) have functions to help you directly subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking on an RSS button. Check on your particular browser's help page for specific instructions on where to find the RSS subscription button and how you can find out if there are new items in your subscriptions.

Where can I get an RSS reader?

There are numerous RSS readers for all operating systems available for sale as well as free download on the Internet.

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