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What does DW Akademie do and how is it different from Deutsche Welle?

DW Akademie is part of Deutsche Welle (DW) and is the international broadcaster's center of excellence for training and knowledge transfer. Its activities include international media development, a traineeship for future DW journalists, the "International Media Studies" Master's program, media training for specialized personnel and executives, and a broad range of multimedia courses for learning German.

Our team is made up of approximately 200 media experts, consultants and trainers. Together with partners around the world, we work to promote free and transparent media landscapes, and to improve the political and legal frameworks for media. We also help strengthen responsible and diverse journalism and support the qualification of media professionals. Find out more on how we see ourselves here.

While our activities certainly complement the journalistic work of DW, we do not create programming ourselves. You can learn more about Germany's national broadcaster and its multimedia news and information services in 30 languages here.

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