What do DW-WORLD Users Say about the Euro | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 20.01.2002
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What do DW-WORLD Users Say about the Euro

In a DW-WORLD online survey, an overwhelming majority of users said they thought the euro would become one of the world’s leading currencies.


New Year's Eve was the start of Europe's new currency

At the beginning of January twelve European countries introduced a common currency: the euro. It replaced the national currencies like the French franc, the Dutch guilder and Germany’s deutschmark.

Prior to the switch over many people were hesitant about accepting a new currency. Many were even skeptical about whether the euro would survive.

At Deutsche Welle we conducted an online survey during the first three weeks of January to see what our users thought about the issue and the future strength of the euro.

Here’s what we asked: "Do you think the euro will become one of the world’s leading currencies."

2,543 people participated in the survey. Here's how they voted:

2,022 said the euro will rival the dollar

509 said maybe the euro will be a leading currency, but it’s mostly important for Europe

12 people said the euro will turn out to be a weak currency.

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