Watch closely to win an Apple iPad mini 4! | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 19.11.2015
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Watch closely to win an Apple iPad mini 4!

Some of our biggest online hits include reports about Simon’s Cat, Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and a miniature airport in Hamburg. Enter our ‘success stories’ quiz to win a prize!

Put your detective hat on! Watch the following five reports and find the missing information. Answer the questions correctly and you could win an Apple iPad mini 4. The closing date is December 4th 2015. The keywords are "success stories"

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Success Story No. 1:

Simon's Cat - an internet success story

Our question: Who makes the 'meow' sound?

Success Story No. 2:

Karl Lagerfeld and his muse

Our question: What German woman inspired Karl Lagerfeld?

Success Story No. 3:

Major mini

Our question: How much did the miniature airport cost to build?

Success Story No. 4:

Food on the tracks - A Hamburg restaurant

Our question: What kind of food ended up on a guest's shirt during rehearsals?

Success Story No. 5:

The world living statue champion

Our question: What character made John Eicke a world champion for the first time?

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Good luck from the Euromaxx team!