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Wary of nuclear power in the US

DW readers wrote in to tell us about nuclear energy policy where they live.


We have 15 [reactors] in Illinois alone. I think it's playing with fire and just waiting to get burned. It's a bit ironic that the safest form of energy (renewable) is also the one that is the least profitable (at the moment). Lets put lives before profit for once.

-- Jander Katze , USA

Already, the conservative and corporate powers of the USA are busy telling us how we have to use nuclear energy. Because you know coal and gas are dirty and kill people. Ironic, since these same people will deny vehemently the risks of fossil fuels in any other context. Wind, solar, biomass [and] conservation are all pooh-poohed as too expensive and too limited. Doesn't that sound like the sulky whine - "It's too hard" - of a spoiled 13-year-old? Nuclear energy was never based on good science. It was based on money and blind faith that the future would solve the problems. Decades later, we have no solutions. It is time to stop.

- - Debra, USA

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