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Voting Rights For New EU Members

Voting rights for new EU member states have been a controversial issue during negotiations for a new EU constitution. DW-WORLD asked readers whether states were looking after their own interests or the good of the union.


EU member states still don't agree on this document.

Germany earlier accepted equal voting rights to both France and Britain despite the fact that Germany`s population is over 20 million more than both France and the UK. Why is this fair and why hasn`t Germany complained more? Germany is one of the few countries which has been discriminated against and should require more voting power compared to France and the UK. I think over 20 million inhabitant superiority should make a difference.
-- Atila Iftikhar

I believe that all new member states should serve a probationary period to prove their usefulness and loyalty to the EU, instead of "foreign" powers who could "buy them off" with greedy money or trade offers to divide the EU and its great plan for the future. This is very obvious to intelligent people of the world, and it must be stopped "at all costs".

-- Les Parsons

Are those arguing over voting rights doing so for the good of the EU or their own gain? Probably a little of both. Governments, which represent their people, have the obligation to be concerned about their own people and not necessarily about the whole EU. However, since the good of the people of each individual country is bound up in the good of the EU as a whole, there should eventually be a way to find a common interest. But it will not be quick or easy. Whatever happens, it can only be an improvement for the EU to solve part of its democratic deficit.
-- Paul Bowman

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