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Vinyls music charts to start in Germany

CDs and MP3s have long been buried, but the resurrection of vinyls is a trend that won't slow down. Now Germany is launching a new chart ranking to measure the success of the retro medium.

Streaming is out, vinyls are in - at least the retro trend is staying alive despite ever-growing digital competition. Soon there will even be a chart ranking for vinyl sales, reflecting the popularity of the old-fashioned discs and the taste of those who collect them.

As Germany gears up for seventh Record Store Week from October 19-24, focusing on music "Made in Germany," the music industry's national association BVMI and GfK Entertainment announced that they would be publishing a monthly list of the 20 most successful vinyls in Germany.

According to BMVI, some 1.4 million vinyls were sold in Germany in the first three quarters of 2015, 25 percent more than in the previous year.

"Vinyls are currently the part of the physical market that is growing," said BMVI director Florian Drücke in a statement. "Due to the continued trend, records' market share has grown by 3.1 percent on the overall market and won back a solid position in the music consumption mix."

The first edition of the vinyls charts for September saw Iron Maiden with "The Book of Souls" at number one, followed by David Gilmour ("Rattle That Lock") and Slayer ("Repentless").

The best-ranking German act was Farin Urlaub Racing Team, the solo project by Farin Urlaub from the popular band Die Ärzte. British acts claimed four of the top five spots, with rock and metal claiming 16 of the 20 positions.

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Why vinyls are taking off

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