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videobox: Gold in skilled labor

FILE - In this Oct. 20, 2008 file picture a metal worker grinds a piece in a factory building in Herbolzheim, southern Germany. Germany's biggest industrial union and employers say they have reached a deal that includes a 4.3 percent wage raise for the sector's 3.6 million workers. Union chief Berthold Huber said early Saturday May 19, 2012 the deal, which is valid until May 2013, represents a good result for metal workers and avoids further strikes. The collective bargaining agreement between IG Metall union and employers in southern Baden-Wuerttemberg state- home to carmakers Daimler and Porsche- includes the raise, secures the position of trainees and limits the use of temporary workers. German metal industry association president Martin Kannengiesser said the deal, initially reached for the state's 800,000 metal workers, will be applied to all of Germany. IG Metall sought a 6.5 percent raise to match Germany's strong economic rebound from the financial crisis. (Foto: Winfried Rothermel, File/AP/dapd).

Symbolbild Arbeitsmarkt Deutschland stabil

The World Skills championships in Leipzig will put laborers' abilities to the test.

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