Veggies admit to tucking into meat when drunk | News | DW | 09.10.2015
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Veggies admit to tucking into meat when drunk

A third of vegetarians cannot resist the urge for a meaty snack when under the influence, according to a UK survey. They mostly succumb to kebabs, burgers and bacon it seems.

Feeling peckish on a night out? Many of us do and, let's face it, when you've had a few too many, a kebab or burger is just the ticket. Unless you never eat meat.

But a new survey of roughly 2,000 people commissioned by British money-saving website "Vouchers Code Pro" found that more than a third of vegetarians in the UK give into meaty temptation when drunk after a night on the tiles.

Kebabs, burgers and bacon are the most popular "forbidden" foods, followed by fried chicken and sausages.

"I really couldn't believe the stats from this research! I know a few vegetarians who sometimes crave meat, but it seems that a few are giving into their cravings when drunk," Vouchers Code Pro founder George Charles said.

And it seems nearly 70 percent are a little sneaky about their sinful snack, too, by not admitting the deed to their friends and family.

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