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US President Obama pays respects to victims of Paris attacks at Bataclan music venue

US President Barack Obama has joined French President Francois Hollande to pay his respects to the victims of the Paris attacks. He is in the French capital to attend the UN climate conference.

Shortly after Air Force One touched down in Paris on Sunday, Obama's motorcade traveled straight from Orly Airport to the Bataclan concert hall, where 90 people were killed by jihadi terrorists on November 13. The 'Islamic State' (IS) group claimed responsibility.

Along with the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, Hollande and Obama each placed a single flower at the music venue's makeshift memorial.

After bowing his head in a moment's silence, Obama was seen walking away with his arms around Hollande and Hidalgo.

Security on high alert

A total of 130 people were killed in a series of shootings and bombings in Paris two weeks ago. It was the deadliest attack on French soil in more than a half-century.

As Obama made his way to the Bataclan late on Sunday, helicopters flew overhead and police shut off the roads. With 150 world leaders coming to Paris for the

UN climate conference,

which gets underway on Monday, security concerns were running high in the French capital, especially in light of the recent terrorist attacks.

ksb/jm (Reuters, AFP, AP)

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