U.S. Plans Troop Cuts | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 23.06.2004
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U.S. Plans Troop Cuts

The U.S. is planning to reduce the number of troops it has in Germany. With new global challenges, Washington has said, making Europe its main military staging ground no longer makes sense. DW-ONLINE readers weigh in.


Getting ready to leave Germany: a tank loads onto a transport plane at the Ramstein air base.

The Cold War is over, the new threat lies elsewhere. The Germans want to be a world player, both in Europe and elsewhere. But it takes more than economical power to do so. It takes military commitment and the will to use that military. It's time for the Germans to get over their past and face reality. They can certainly pay for their own defense and for military operations with their own military. History has shown that countries that depend on others for military protection will eventually cease to exist. -- Walter Borschel, USA

Yes, I would pull out all of the troops. The Cold War is over, and there is no longer any need to have so many troops based in Germany. As an American, situations where German doctors refuse to treat U.S. patients -- although, I realize, this was a single incident -- make me think we are simply not wanted. -- Robert Cook

I see no reason at this time for U.S. troops to be permanently stationed in Germany or anywhere else in Europe. I lean more to the nationalist view and say, Let the rest of the world take care of itself. I also believe the U.S. can defend its interests when a situation presents itself without Europe's approval. Thank you. -- James L. Reid, USA

The anounced troop reduction is far too small. For the current and foreseen missions of the U.S. armed forces, Germany is not well positioned. In addition, it is much costlier to keep troops there than elsewhere (not to speak of the fact that other allies are more trustworthy). A hospital complex and some warehouses are all that should be left in Germany. That is what I and many others in the U.S. are writing in letters to our congressmen and women. -- Dan Farcasiu, USA

Yes, I believe we should pull all of our troops out of Germany.If it hurts you economically, that is what you deserve for turning your back on us when we needed your help.We will fight the terrorists without you, even as they take over your country from within. -- J. Reed, USA

I believe it would be good to move troops from Germany back to the U.S. or even Eastern Europe because of the enormous expenses. Also, because of the attitude of many Germans towards Americans, it shouldn't be asked of our troops and families to remain in a hostile country. It is hard enough to have a loved one in a war if you are surrounded by people who support you. Having to deal with German hostility on top of it would be unbearable. -- Asti Hoover, USA

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