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U.S. Bars Germany, France From Iraqi Reconstruction Contracts

Washington announced early December that it would only allow countries that supported the Iraq war to bid for large reconstruction contracts in Iraq. Deutsche Welle readers offer their views on the simmering issue.


Iraq is in urgent need of reconstruction.

It is my opinion that only those countries that supported the war in Iraq by sending their own countries' people to fight against the horrible Hussein regime should be afforded the privilege of bidding as main contractors. Those countries that opposed the war and stood back in safe obscurity, but now want in on the incredible lucrative rebuilding should be ashamed of themselves for even asking.

-- K. D. Storey, USA

Germany is a very fine country, and has a lot of people without jobs. I feel that Germany should be able to bid on any contracts any where at any time including Iraq. It would not only help the Iraqi people, but it would help the German people get some needed work.

-- Donald L. Frans, USA

Personally I fail to see how it is fair to expect the U.S. to allow other countries to profit from the reconstruction of a country which they (the former opposing countries: Germany, France, Russia, etc) not only refused to aid in its time of need, but some even went so far as to attempt to impede others from rescuing. The U.S., Britain, and many other countries have spent billions in dollars and risked the lives of hundreds of thousands of their own citizens trying to free a nation of people from the grip of a madman. Not only do the opposing countries not wish to aid the coalition, but they wished (previously) to prevent them from succeeding (by ousting Saddam).

-- John Bishop, Scotland

As an American, I am appalled at the latest Bush administration's display of infinite ignorance. First, let me apologize to the people of Germany for my government's "insanity." The people of Iraq should have the right to choose with whom they want relationships. That is a purported American First Amendment right --the right to associate or not associate. Nevertheless that democratic principle apparently does not apply to America's new Occupation Policy. Furthermore, if reconstruction is truly a goal for Iraq, then the most capable of contractors should be selected. Having a heritage of three German grandparents I may be prejudiced. However, I would have more confidence in a German project than an American project any day.

-- Joan K. Bowden

The decision was appropriate. As Chancellor Schröder and Germany have made perfectly clear, the coalition cannot and should not seriously expect troops or significant material support from Germany to a cause it did not support. Likewise, Chancellor Schröder and Germany cannot and should not expect to be treated on an equal footing in bidding on reconstruction contracts funded by the U.S. taxpayer with those allies who have stood by the U.S. and shed blood and spent treasure in its efforts to free Iraq. However, I agree that the decision could have been handled a little more tactfully.

-- Edward R. Stabell, III, USA

Yes, I do think companies from any country, including Germany but particularly Iraq, should be able to make bids for Iraq's reconstruction. The Bush administration is short-sighted and infantile.

-- Mark Lane, Japan

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