US and Germany: Friends no More? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 30.06.2005
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US and Germany: Friends no More?

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder met with US President George W. Bush this week. While the two were pleasant with each other, DW-WORLD readers are not convinced US-German ties are improving.


Not exactly natural smiles

Have the ties between Germany and the US improved? No, and I am not sure that with Schröder leaving office, ties will get better. The people of Germany have made up their mind that Bush and the people in the US are the enemy. So be it, let our troops come home or move to a different country where they are welcome and we will get out of your hair. -- Jescole , US

Relations have weakened since the war. The German people have shown distain for America's efforts to do something different to solve the Middle East problems. Victory is far from certain, but if we fail, you will laugh and be satisfied. If we are successful, you will reap the benefits, and America will pick up the tab.

I hope this helps to explain how typical Americans feel about Germany today. -- Thomas Smart

I personnally have always liked Germany. I think it important that German's realize how much the Bush Administration controls what we hear and see in this country. Many people don't want take the time to read DW-WORLD or watch BBC news. They are too busy playing computer games or finding other forms of entertainment. People take too much for granted here. There are a few liberal newspapers springing up. But remember, we are not all like George Bush. -- Lee Davis Cornelius , US

Gerhard Schröder has carried the most dishonest policy towards the US that Germany has ever had. Schröder has tried to revive the ugly Germany of the first half of the 20th century: the Germany of axis-forming. Never should Germany be seated opposing the US. Germany, because of its history, has a moral obligation to never oppose the US. This doesn't mean that Germany should support the US always, but there is huge difference between opposing and not supporting. The enemy of Germany is not the US, the enemy of Germany is its history, which is still too recent: Nazism and Communism. The US is a natural friend of Germany, and Germany must correspond. -- Francisco Olivas , Costa Rica

German-US relations have in my opinion improved since the months prior to the US entering Iraq. They couldn't have gotten much worse. I was happy to see that Chancellor Gerhard Schröder visited the US, even without much political benefit to himself. Gerd appears to be a man of good character and thoughtful. I think that he has taken political hits in trying to reform the economy and entitlement system. Maybe a change in political power will enable reforms to move forward and continue on the path of warming German-US relations. -- Brian McCormick

I am an American of German ancestry. I admire the German people and the beauty of German culture. I have felt a sense of solidarity with Germans. However, Herr Schröder, the SPD, and their constituents have shown that America and Germany are neither allies nor friends. Circumstances dictate a parting of the ways between our nations. Germans believe Americans are merely stupid cowboys. This view may or may not change over time. What will not change is the American view that Germany is unreliable. Even if Angela Merkel is elected as chancellor the fact remains that Americans cannot rely on Germans. Based on the deterioration of German-American relations, it would be reasonable for Germans to presume that Germany will never hold a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Besides, the EU already holds two seats on the Security Council.

-- Mark Millenacker

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