Underwater treasure | Global Ideas | DW | 11.10.2010
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Global Ideas

Underwater treasure

The endangered 'Coral Triangle' sustains life under water and livelihoods above it. For how long?

Project goal: creating a marine protection zone to preserve coral reefs in the Savu Sea in Indonesia and the Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea
Climate goal: improving the efficiency of climate-change adaptation measures
Biodiversity: 76 percent of all known corals
Investment: 2.4 million Euros ($3.31 million)

Almost a third of the world’s coral reefs are considered destroyed. Marine pollution, overfishing and climate change are increasingly threatening the fragile ecosystems. The so-called 'Coral Triangle,' a marine belt rich in corals which includes Papua New Guinea, is also hard hit. Millions of people could lose their livelihoods since fish stocks are also declining along with the corals. A new program aims to help the affected countries save their precious coral reefs.

A film by Joachim Eggers

Watch video 07:09

Saving Papua New Guinea's underwater treasure

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