Ukraine: Consumer Reporting | Europe/Central Asia | DW | 18.06.2008
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Europe/Central Asia

Ukraine: Consumer Reporting

Critical tips, enlightening information, objective test results and legal advice - consumer magazines perform a valuable service.

Participants at work

A multitude of choices and a glut of products can overwhelm the consumer. And quite often the product is defective, tainted or just inadequate. What can the consumer do in such a case? What are your rights? What responsibilities do manufacturers have and where can you get legal advice? These are the kind of questions consumer magazines try to answer.

Participants sitting at a table

In cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kiev, DW Akademie held a 14-day radio training course on this topic. Eleven young journalists from state-run and private radio broadcasters in Ukraine and Belarus took part in the course.

In addition to theory, the course also included group work and practical exercises, as well as discussions with experts. For example, the participants spoke with Ukrainian consumer associations, members of the Ukrainian consumer newspaper Ekspertis TEST and with Ukrainian attorneys.

Two 25-minute consumer shows were produced during the course.