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Two killed in German court shooting

Police say a gunman has gone on a shooting rampage in a court building in Landshut, north of the state capital Munich.

Photo of police outside of Landshut courthouse

Police are investigating a shooting in Landshut

Police say several people were wounded in the shooting incident that happened at around 10:15 am Tuesday.

Court spokeswoman Elisabeth Waitzingen said that the two deceased were related to each other. According to witness reports, the man suddenly stood up and started shooting randomly at people around him in several rooms. The 60-year-old gunman shot himself after killing a woman.

Map of southern Germany showing Landshut

Landhut is 70 kilometers north-east of Munich

"The shooting happened out of the blue," said police spokesman Leonhard Mayer

It's believed the court was to rule on an inheritance case. One hundred and thirty people were said to be in the three-storey building at the time of the shooting. Police say the building was not evacuated.

"There is no more danger," state prosecutor Horst Schladt told the AP news agency.

Police are still investigating the shooting. Questions remain as to how the man managed to bring a gun into the building.