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Two Dedicated Channels Provide Gateway to Europe


Deutsche Welle has expanded its television services in Asia. Viewers can now tune in to DW-TV ASIA+ as well as DW-TV ASIA.

Deutsche Welle has expanded its television services in Asia with two channels. DW-TV ASIA+ offers a perfect mix of European lifestyle, culture and the arts as well as news and in–depth reports from business and politics. With a 24-hour schedule providing 18 hours of English programming, DW-TV ASIA+ has all the insights from Europe that make a difference. Viewers can tune in for the latest news and programs like euromaxx, drive it!, In Focus and GLOBAL 3000.

For viewers looking for more programming in German, Deutsche Welle also offers DW-TV ASIA. The channel has the same program highlights that viewers are used to with 16 hours of German programming and eight hours of English. This is especially targeted to viewers from German-speaking countries living abroad, or to those interested in learning German.

Both channels are available on AsiaSat 3S.

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