Two Dead, Dozen Hurt As Winter Arrives in Germany | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 22.11.2008
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Two Dead, Dozen Hurt As Winter Arrives in Germany

Snow and ice played havoc on German roads Friday and Saturday, causing numerous accidents that left two dead and more than a dozen injured, police said Saturday.

A rescue worker stands on a street that is blocked by falled trees

The arrival of winter made it impossible to pass some roads

The abrupt arrival of winter turned roads in skating rinks, forcing police to close the A4 autobahn near the eastern city of Dresden for several hours after it was blocked by trucks unable to move forward.

Two smashed cars stand on a snow-covered road

Serious traffic accidents occured throughout the country over the weekend

Two young men travelling in a van were killed Saturday morning when the vehicle skidded on an icy highway near Huenfeld in the state of Hesse and crashed into an articulated lorry. Three other people in the van suffered serious injuries.

A woman shoveling snow

...their parents probably aren't as excited.

Four people were injured late Friday when a motorist smashed into a truck that had skidded and blocked the Berlin-Nuremberg autobahn near Muenchberg in the southern state of Bavaria.

Among the injured was the driver of the truck, who was hit by another car when he went to the assistance of the motorist and his two passengers.

More snow for days

Children with sleds walk up a hill

While children enjoyed the whitness...

Accidents were also reported in other parts of Germany, as traffic struggled to cope with the treacherous conditions.

In Iserlohn, 400 kilometers (248.5 miles) south of Hamburg, a city bus skidded on an icy patch of road and smashed into a wall, injuring six passengers, one of them seriously.

A snow-covered red rose

The nicer side of Germany's first snow

Meteorologists predicted the inclement weather would continue until the middle of the week, when temperatures are expected to get warmer.

Germany's first snow of this winter at sea level, a couple of centimeters deep, covered parts of northern Germany early Friday, before the cold front started moving south.

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