Twenty-five years of German Unity - a DW program priority | Press Releases | DW | 02.10.2015
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Press Releases

Twenty-five years of German Unity - a DW program priority

DW has compiled the most interesting stories and looks back on the events that led up to the reunification of a divided state in a web special. History enthusiasts can find an overview on

"A new Germany in a new Europe doesn't mean more power, but more responsibility," writes former Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher in an opinion piece for DW.

A story entitled "Deutschland-Krimi" (A German Thriller) depicts the historic events in the 328 days between the fall of the Berlin Wall and October 3, 1990, the Day of German Reunification.

"Well done but not yet perfect" - that's how Germans see their state, their society 25 years after reunification. DW wanted a closer look and commissioned a survey.

Multimedia project "Generation 25" - a new survey among Germans born during the country’s reunification reveals their views and expectations.

Walled in - historians and television makers worked together in a unique DW project creating an animated depiction of the former German-German border.

Islands all along the North and Baltic Sea coasts, and in the south, the peaks of the Alps - twenty-five years after German reunification, DW shows tourists the reasons to visit each of Germany's states.