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Treasures of the World

Heritage of Mankind


Latest edition

Antonio Gaudí - Barcelona's Great Architect

On June 12 1926 thousands of people gathered on the streets of Barcelona to pay their last respects to an outstanding architect, Antonio Gaudi. The city is still home to a large number of Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, including the unfinished Sagrada Familia, the Palau Güell and the world-famous Casa Milá.

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  • 24.05.2017 | 21:15 on DW (English)‎
  • 26.05.2017 | 23:15 on DW (English)‎

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Epidaurus, Greece

Behind the Arachneon Mountains in the eastern part of Greece’s Argolic Peninsula is the ancient city of Epidaurus. Mild dry air and a hot spring with healing properties bubbling out of the ground were assets that were attributed to the mythological god of healing, Asclepius, in classical Greece.

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  • 30.05.2017 | 21:15 on DW (English)‎
  • 01.06.2017 | 23:15 on DW (English)‎
  • 04.06.2017 | 02:15 on DW (English)‎