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Treasures of the World

Heritage of Mankind


Latest edition

The Thracian Tomb at Sveshtari, Bulgaria

The Thracians, the ancient inhabitants of today’s Balkans, believed in a life after death, so they built elaborate tombs. To make sure they couldn’t be found and plundered easily, they hid them under sepulchral mounds. The one in Sveshtari is particularly well preserved.

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  • 18.01.2017 | 21:15 on DW‎

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Sousse, Tunisia

In times past Sousse was a key possession for those who sought to control Africa’s central Mediterranean coast. In its nearly 3,000 years of history the port city came under Phoenician, Romans, Byzantine, Arab, Turkish and European rule.

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  • 24.01.2017 | 21:15 on DW‎
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