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The International Talk Show from Berlin


Latest edition

CETA, Brexit, Russia: EU on the Brink?

CETA, Brexit and armed conflicts in Europe’s neighborhood are putting the EU to a crucial test. However, while its Member States try to find a common response, anti-EU parties are on the rise. Is the historical project EU on the brink of failure? Our guests: Cerstin Gammelin (Süddeutsche Zeitung), Ulrike Herrmann (taz), Andreas Kluth (The Economist).

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International Debate from Berlin

DW's international talk show with four journalists discussing the week's top international issue.

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Broadcast times

  • 03.11.2016 | 17:30 on DW‎
  • 03.11.2016 | 21:30 on DW‎
  • 04.11.2016 | 04:30 on DW‎
  • 04.11.2016 | 08:30 on DW‎
  • 04.11.2016 | 12:30 on DW‎
  • 04.11.2016 | 08:30 on DW (Amerika)‎

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