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05.2016 DW Kick off (Themenheader)

Kick off!

The Bundesliga Highlights

Bundesliga Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Aubameyang

Latest edition

Special: Three-Game Week in the Bundesliga

"After the game is before the game" said coaching legend Sepp Herberger. How appropriate going into what is affectionately called the "English Week”. Players have barely left the pitch before they return for another 90 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday. Matchday 4 and a preview of Matchday 5 on Kick off!.

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01.2012 DW Kick off!

Next edition

The Bundesliga Highlights

After five games Kick off! takes a look at the Bundesliga form. Will Bayern still have maximum points? How many goals will Dortmund have added to their tally? Will Hoffenheim make it five draws in a row? And what of the big teams - Schalke, Hamburg and Bremen propping up the table? Can they improve on their miserable form? If not, will another head roll?

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Broadcast times

  • 26.09.2016 | 23:30 on DW‎
  • 27.09.2016 | 07:30 on DW‎
  • 27.09.2016 | 11:30 on DW‎
  • 27.09.2016 | 16:30 on DW‎
  • 27.09.2016 | 07:30 on DW (Amerika)‎