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In Good Shape

The Health Show

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Latest edition

The Health Show

The thyroid weighs just a few grams, but it’s crucial. But if the gland starts acting up and grows over or underactive, this can trigger problems in the whole body. What are the warning signs and treatment options? We find out in our In Good Shape interview. We also discover how many calories there are in certain drinks, and explore the world of Freeletics.

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  • 22.07.2017 | 17:30 on DW (English)‎
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Run for your life!

Jogging is good for your health. We talk to a sports scientist about training strategies and the best way for couch-potatoes to start running. Also on the show: how metal coils can help COPD patients breathe more freely; and easy skin care for men.

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Broadcast times

  • 27.07.2017 | 16:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 29.07.2017 | 17:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 30.07.2017 | 12:30 on DW (English)‎
  • 31.07.2017 | 00:30 on DW (English)‎
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Dr. Carsten Lekutat out and about!

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