Turning to Sea Water? | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 15.07.2004
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Social Media

Turning to Sea Water?

Desalinated water is seen as a solution to ensure drinking water supplies. DW-WORLD readers commented.


Reserves are dwindling as a water shortage looms

Desalination is no final solution. Especially in Europe and western countries the problem lays in the ignorant behavior of wasting water. Desalination is one way of getting aware of the real costs for fresh water. In countries which have a shortage of water because of their geographic conditions, it might be the only solution. -- Thomas Ulm

Its important to provide sufficient water for our needs (through the use of a technology like desalination.)
However, what seems most important is to work together, globally and locally, so that we don't waste such precious resources. -- Timothy Goetsch, Canada

Desalination is now a viable alternative to other ecologically sensitive corrective measures to provide water. Perhaps recovery facilities for minerals could be placed nearby to use the salts provided by the water plants. Exotic sea salts also command a nice price on the world market. Modern societies use water for population and industry. More efficient methods for recycling and use must be explored too in helping conservation efforts. -- David Brooks, USA

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